A Complete Guide to the Best Engraving Quotes

Engravings are the perfect way to show your partner how much you think of them. It's really hard to know what custom engraving to get on a personalized gift for a loved one.

Engraved quotes are the best way to tell the story of your relationship.

 Take a cue from these engraving ideas, or use them as inspiration when you order one of our range with an engraved sentence on it.

Custom Engraving Ideas for your partner and Anniversary

You are my person

I love You more

It is always been you.

You have my heart

I knew from the start

You are the one for me

Hold my heart

I am yours

As you wish

you complete me

to me, you are perfect

Always and forever


To have and to hold

Happily ever after

Written in the stars.

I’ll always love you.

You are my soul mate

My heart is yours

I do

To the moon and back

My one and only

Love you for what you are

Love means forever

I choose you

You are my treasure

I got you, Babe

God gave me you

Love means forever

You’re still the one

Forever yours.

For all time.

Our love is timeless

Love conquers all

Each day is a gift

My diamond forever

True love

My sunshine

My person

My forever

My heart and soul

Engraved on my heart

First in my life

Engraved on my soul

Take all my time

I find myself in you

First love

You are loved


Engraving Ideas for your Mum

Best Mum ever

Love you forever

Best Grandma ever

I Love You, Mum

Forever your child

Forever In my heart

Thanks for Strength

The Greatest Mother

My Mom, My Friend

Best mom ever.

You inspire me.

Thanks, mum

Mother is everything.

Super mom.

You inspire me.

To the moon and back

Home is where Mum is

I love you, mum

My greatest inspiration

You make me proud

Best mom in the world

In my heart always


Engraving Ideas for Dad

I love you dad

Best dad ever

Best father ever

My father, My friend

Best storyteller award

1st Father's Day

Father of the bride

You taught Me Well

My Dad,my anchor

Thank you for your Love

To the best Dad

I stole your best jokes

Happiness is retirement

Thank you for everything

Always your little Boy/Girl

World's best dad!

Best advice giver

Love you forever, Dad!

Lucky to have you

Thanks for life


Friendship Engraving Ideas

You are my sunshine

You're my wookie

You're my Person


Best friend forever

Forever Friend

 Be you

Be here now

Miracles take time

Be the change

Follow your heart

One day closer


I believe in you

Just keep swimming

One step at a time

You go, girl!

Have courage

Enjoy the journey

Take heart

Have faith in him

You're a superhero

Remember your dreams


More than friends

My ride or die

For the real one

Partners in crime

You inspire me.

Double trouble

Chill, dude.

Friends for life


Engravings That Say "Congratulations"

The future is yours

A New Chapter Begins

Told You So!

A New Door Opens

You Did It!

A job well done.

So proud of you.

Never a doubt


Memorial Engraving Ideas

We were together.

Remembered with love

Forever in my heart


Engravings That Say "Thank you"

 Words can’t express.

Words are not enough.

A small token of thanks.

Many thanks.

Forever in your debt.

My gratitude.

I’ll never forget.


Engravings for “Inspiration”

Be the change

Live the moment.

Follow your heart

Never stop trying

It is never too late

Dream big

Keep going

Begin anywhere

Do it Now!

Don’t quit

Do what you want

Apply your mind

There is a way

Never give up!

Way to go!